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My name is Jane Nock, we lost our beautiful Welsh Mountain Section B pony -Isley Walton Aqua Marine AKA Flame. I wanted a piece of her on my wrist to treasure forever. So, I started to make horse hair jewellery, for my friends in my spare time to fill the horse shaped hole in my heart and keeping her memories alive Also wanting to give back to a local Western Cape Equine and Children’s charity of which I donate 50% from the sale of each item sold to NPO-Tom Ro Haven. NPO NUMBER: 100-279
If you would like to know more about the charity I support why not have a read of the Flip “LOOK BOOK.
Or if you would like to help them you can donate separately by visiting their website or Facebook page. Horse hair is amazingly very strong and versatile. Due to the many natural shades and colours, I choose each hair and combine to make extraordinary beautiful patterns and colours unique to you. It truly makes stunning, durable jewellery. Nothing prepares you for their loss! so my advice is don’t wait do it now… I hand braid using ancient traditional Japanese and Victorian methods of braiding and weaving. Orders usually take between 2-3 weeks, depending on spare time. I’m sure you will find a design you like, but If you want something you can’t see, or your order is urgent to a time line just contact me.
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Horse Tinkers Jewellery

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