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My Story

My name is Jane Nock, we lost our beautiful Welsh Mountain Section B pony -Isley Walton Aqua Marine AKA Flame. I wanted a piece of her on my wrist to treasure forever. So, I started to make horse hair jewellery, for my friends in my spare time to fill the horse shaped hole in my heart and keeping her memories alive Also wanting to give back to a local Western Cape Equine and Children’s charity of which I donate 50% from the sale of each item sold to NPO-Tom Ro Haven. NPO NUMBER: 100-279
Horse Tinkers Jewellery

Kin Collection

This range is designed, if you do not have a lot of horse hair or only forelock or mane hair. I can also use other Pet or Human Hair or ashes
Comes in several designs

The hair is inlaid in resin, with either sterling silver findings or silver plated findings.

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Perd Collection

These Stunning little pendants and pin are hand braided, Great if you don’t have much hair. Height 30mm & Width 20.5mm

Cavalo Collection

Ancient weaving techniques are used to intricately weave designs into Bracelets. (Also see Zirgs collection Look Book for inlays into Rings and Bangle). These are all beautifully put together, contemporary and very stylish, delicate yet strong and wearable, all in sterling silver

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Zirgs Collection

Using Traditional or Ancient Japanese braiding and Weaving techniques, these rings are truly elegant and hard wearing. Stunning in plain colour, but if more than one colour the patterns are endless & truly unique to you.

These Sterling Silver Rings are made to order so ensure you specify correct size. Request ring size guide as cannot alter.

Signature Collection

This contemporary and beautiful range was inspired from Victorian designs from the 18th Century, where they made jewellery from a loved one’s hair. This technique was also used to make aristocrats wigs. This jewellery is beautifully put together and very hardwearing. Comes in 4mm, 5mm or 6mm widths. The use of different colours, shades are endless. Comes in 3 Designs and either 10 or 16 Strands

We are hiring!

Classic Designs

This Japanese Collection is created by using traditional methods, the patterns designs and colour combinations are endless. But Designs featured are Flat, Loop, Round, Lattice or Heart 12 or 16 strands. Just ask for others